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Program and Services

The North Huron Family Health Team offers a number of services to the patients of our physicians. 

Social Work 
Our Social Worker is a professional counselor trained to assist individuals and families in resolving problems in their day-to-day lives, such as: job loss or retraining needs (including literacy skills), income supports (filling out forms, navigation through resources or identifying options), parenting issues (learning needs, behavioural issues or family transitions), depression, anxiety or loss, grief, family and/or relationship issues, social and emotional issues.
Dietitian Services
The Dietitian provides nutrition counseling to patients who require education and assistance in dealing with their health problem or illness.  The Dietitian focuses on patients with diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, overweight, teenagers and young adults.  The Dietitian develops nutritional programs and services to educate patient groups and the general public on good nutrition.  The Dietitian works with other members of the Family Health Team to develop programs and services that compliment treatment programs for specific patient groups.

Well Woman Clinic
The primary focus of the Well Woman Clinic is health promotion and disease prevention.  This thirty minute appointment is scheduled with an RN who will review your helath concerns.  A variety of topics relating to general health and wellness are addressed, with attention given to breast and cervical cancer screening.  Healthy lifestyle, bladder concerns, questions relating to menopause, osteoporosis, bone mineral density screening and immunization updates, are some aspects of women's health concerns that may be addressed through the Well Women Clinic. 

Cognitive Assessment
As a part of geriatric care, the NHFHT RN has the capacity to assist the family physician with cognitive assessments, falls screening, depression screening and ADL/caregiver support.  Through a referral system, the NHFHT RN will complete a Cognitive Assessment by either using the MMSE or MOCA screening tools.  This will help the physician assess the patient’s cognitive status, to monitor medication changes or diagnosing a disease process.  The RN will also assess falls with the patient and perform a mini assessment for a referral to community providers if required.  For patient and caregiver support, the RN will assess the care needs of the patient and direct to appropriate services, as required.  The goal of this service is to help the patient to maintain or improve independence and quality of life in their home environment.