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What is a Family Health Team? (FHT)

A FHT is an approach to primary health care that brings together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible care. The team includes physicians and other allied health professionals including nurses, social workers, dietitian, health promoter and pharmacist working together in an interdisciplinary setting.

Is my doctor a part of the FHT?

The North Huron FHT includes: Dr. Shaun Marshall, Dr. Mark Moores, Dr. Greg Antoniadis, Dr. Bonnie Marshall, Dr. Marie Gear, Dr. Mike Shubat, Dr. Jim Shuffield and Dr. Stephen Vander Klippe.

How can I see one of the professionals of the FHT?

To see your family doctor simply call his/her office to book an appointment. To see one of the FHTs allied health professionals, talk to your doctor about a referral. Once the referral has been made, you will be contacted by the FHT receptionist to arrange an appointment.

How will the FHT benefit me?

The services focus on primary health care including disease prevention, health promotion and disease management.

How much will this cost me?

There is no cost to you for any of the services. All the programs and services offered by the FHT are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Please contact the North Huron Family Health Team office at 519-357-3930 or where you scheduled your appointment.

What do I need to know about Health Cards?

Please bring your health card and give it to reception when you arrive. If you have changed your address or your telephone number please notify reception.
Check the expiry date on your card and arrange for a new one before it expires. You must notify the OHIP office if your card is lost, stolen, you have a change of address or your card expired. Should you need to contact the OHIP office, their number is 519-893-3966. They are located at 1400 Weber Street East in Kitchener.